Title: Qualitative Methods for Health Research / Edition 4, Author: Judith Green
Title: Commercial Contracts: Legal Principles and Drafting Techniques, Author: Rachel Burnett
Title: Economic and Monetary Union: Key Implications for Your Business, Author: John Atkin
Title: Strategic Planning in Public Relations, Author: Kieran Knights
Title: Evaluating Health Promotion: Practice and Methods / Edition 3, Author: Margaret Thorogood
Title: Strategy Implementation Through Project Management, Author: Tony Grundy
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Title: New Ways of Working, Author: Stephen Jupp
Title: How to Turn Your HR Strategy into Reality, Author: Tony Grundy
Title: Selling Skills for Professionals, Author: Kim Tasso
Title: Intellectual Property Protection and Enforcement, Author: Lorna Brazell
Title: Successfully Defending Employment Tribunal Cases / Edition 3, Author: Dennis Hunt
Title: Tendering and Negotiating MOD Contracts, Author: Tim Boyce
Title: Employee Sickness and Fitness for Work / Edition 2, Author: Gillian Howard
Title: Surviving a Corporate Crisis: 100 Things You Need to Know, Author: Paul Batchelor
Title: Enabling Beyond Empowerment, Author: Michael Williams
Title: Employer's Liability and Industrial Diseases / Edition 2, Author: Fred Collins
Title: Mergers and Acquisitions: Confronting the People Issues / Edition 2, Author: Mark Thomas
Title: A Practical Guide to Knowledge Management / Edition 2, Author: Sue Brelade
Title: Business and Contract Law, Author: Arun Singh
Title: Techniques for Ensuring PR Coverage in the Regional Media: An Insiders View, Author: Mike Imeson

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