Title: How to Turn Your HR Strategy into Reality, Author: Tony Grundy
Title: Surviving a Corporate Crisis: 100 Things You Need to Know, Author: Paul Batchelor
Title: Applying the Employment Act 2002, Author: Audrey Williams
Title: The Pension Trustee's Handbook / Edition 7, Author: Robin Ellison
Title: Strategic Customer Planning / Edition 2, Author: Alan Melkma
Title: VAT Liability and the Implications of Commercial Property Transactions, Author: Tim Buss
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Title: The Pension Trustee's Investment Guide, Author: Robin Ellison
Paperback $44.05 $48.95 Current price is $44.05, Original price is $48.95.
Title: The Shorter MBA / Edition 2, Author: Barrie Pearson
Title: Retention of Title, Author: Susan Singleton
Title: A Practical Guide to Knowledge Management / Edition 2, Author: Sue Brelade
Title: New Ways of Working, Author: Stephen Jupp
Title: Business and Contract Law, Author: Arun Singh
Title: Data Protection Law for Employers: Implications of the New Code of Practice, Author: Susan Singleton
Other Format $140.40 $156.00 Current price is $140.40, Original price is $156.00.
Title: Tendering and Negotiating MOD Contracts, Author: Tim Boyce
Title: The Training Manager's Desktop Guide / Edition 2, Author: Eddie Davies
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Title: Tax Planning for Businesses and Their Owners / Edition 2, Author: Peter Hughes
Title: Practical Techniques for Effective Lobbying, Author: Charles Miller
Title: Gurus on Marketing, Author: Sultan Kermally
Title: Technical Aspects of Business Leases: Overcoming the Practical Difficulties, Author: Malcolm Dowden
Title: Enabling Beyond Empowerment, Author: Michael Williams

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