Title: Commercial Litigation: The Consequences of Breach of Contract - Damages and Other Remedies, Author: Rachel Burnett
Title: The Company Director's Desktop Guide, Author: David M. Martin
Title: E-mail--Legal Issues / Edition 2, Author: Susan Singleton
Title: Company Articles and Company Constitution, Author: Roger Mason
Title: Corporate Community Investment: How to Make Your Business Profitably Popular, Author: Chris Genasi
Title: Economic and Monetary Union: Key Implications for Your Business, Author: John Atkin
Title: Intellectual Property Protection and Enforcement, Author: Lorna Brazell
Title: Standard Conditions of Commercial Contracts: Drafting, Reviewing, Negotiating, Author: Peter Wilding
Title: The A-Z of Employment Practice, Author: David M. Martin
Title: The Shorter MBA / Edition 2, Author: Barrie Pearson
Title: Key Techniques for Employing Overseas Nationals, Author: Laura Devine
Title: Trade Secrets of Business Disposals, Author: Barrie Pearson
Title: Surviving a Corporate Crisis: 100 Things You Need to Know, Author: Paul Batchelor
Title: Strategic Planning in Public Relations, Author: Kieran Knights
Title: New Ways of Working, Author: Stephen Jupp
Title: Business and Contract Law, Author: Arun Singh
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Title: Power Over Stress at Work, Author: Daniel Araoz
Title: Managing In-house Legal Services: Providing High Value Support for Your Organisation, Author: Mark Prebble
Title: Enabling Beyond Empowerment, Author: Michael Williams
Title: Data Protection Law for Employers: Implications of the New Code of Practice, Author: Susan Singleton
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