Title: Ginsberg, Kerouac, the Beats and the Hippies, Author: Fred Stern
Title: Two or More Vietnams: Reactions of a Vietnam Veteran to Platoon, Author: Col. Harry G. Summers
Title: The Other Side of Modernism: James Burnham and His Legacy, Author: Samuel T. Francis
Title: Spider Woman's Legacy: The Art of Navajo Weaving, Author: Ronald McCoy
Title: The Art of Islamic Spain, Author: Jason Kaufman
Title: The Vatican and Birth Technology, Author: Dinesh D'Souza
Title: Issues in the Creation-Evolution Controversies, Author: Jonathan Wells
Title: A Conversation With Leszek Kolakowski, Author: Mihajlo Mihajlov
Title: The Unclean Lips, Author: Andrew Lytle
Title: Presidency's Supremacy in Defending National Security, Author: Bruce Fein
Title: Environmentalism as Stewardship, Author: Kristin Franklin
Title: Between Two Fires, Author: Louis Owens
Title: The Life of Edith Stein, Author: Phyllis Zagano
Title: Gondar Timqat: The Persistence of Christian Tradition in Ethiopia, Author: Hailu Habu
Title: Rethinking Immortality, Author: Robert P. Lanza
Title: Capitalism and the Constitution, Author: Forrest McDonald
Title: Myth and Mythology, Author: Charles H. Long
Title: Masters of Past and Present, Author: Tom Pniewski
Title: World Peace Accountability: A Proposal for Broadening East-West Dialogue, Author: John Norton Moore
Title: For Dancers, English is a Second Language, Author: Lauren Shapiro

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