Title: Mushrooms of British Columbia, Author: Andy MacKinnon
Title: Spirits of the Coast: Orcas in science, art and history, Author: Severn Cullis-Suzuki
Title: Brittle Stars, Sea Urchins and Feather Stars of British Columbia, Southeast Alaska and Puget Sound, Author: Philip Lambert
Title: The Indian History of British Columbia: The Impact of the White Man, Author: Wilson Duff
Title: Sister and I from Victoria to London, Author: Emily Carr
Title: Sharks, Skates, Rays and Chimeras of British Columbia, Author: Jackie King
Title: Coal Dust in My Blood: The Autobiography of a Coal Miner, Author: Bill Johnstone
Title: In the Shadow of the Great War: The Milligan and Hart Explorations of Northeastern British Columbia, 1913-14, Author: Jay Sherwood
Title: Once Well Beloved: Remembering a British Columbia Great War Sacrifice, Author: Michael Sasges
Title: Opossums, Shrews and Moles of British Columbia, Author: David Nagorsen
Title: Bannock and Beans: A Cowboy's Account of the Bedaux Expedition, Author: Bob White
Title: White Bears and Other Curiosities: The First 100 Years of the Royal British Columbia Museum, Author: Peter Corley-Smith
Title: By Snowshoe, Buckboard and Steamer: Women of the British Columbia Frontier, Author: Kathryn Bridge
Title: Unvarnished: Autobiographical Sketches by Emily Carr, Author: Emily Carr
Title: The Object's the Thing: The Writings of R. Yorke Edwards, a Pioneer of Heritage Interpretation in Canada, Author: Roger Yorke Edwards
Title: Pondweeds, Bur-reeds and their Relatives of British Columbia, Author: T. Christopher Brayshaw
Title: Systematics of Lasiopogon, Author: Rob Cannings
Title: Return to Northern British Columbia: A Photojournal of Frank Swanell, 1929-39, Author: Jay Sherwood
Title: Studio Billie's Calendar: A Perpetual Calendar, Author: Emily Carr
Title: What Was Said to Me: The Life of Sti'tum'atul'wut, a Cowichan Woman, Author: Ruby Peter

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