Title: The Alabaster Staff: Forgotten Realms, Author: Edward Bolme
Title: The Rogue, Author: Claire Delacroix
Title: The Scoundrel, Author: Claire Delacroix
Title: Only a Duchess Would Dare, Author: Amelia Grey
Title: The Warrior, Author: Claire Delacroix
Title: An Earl to Enchant, Author: Amelia Grey Pre-Order Now
Title: The Crimson Gold: Forgotten Realms, Author: Voronica Whitney-Robinson
Title: A Gentleman Never Tells, Author: Amelia Grey
Title: A Gentleman Says Pre-Order Now
Title: A Cord of Three Strands (The Rogues, #0), Author: Kristen Hogrefe
Title: Rise of the Resistance (The Elite and the Rogues, #2), Author: Niranjan K
Title: The Black Bouquet: The Rogues, Author: Richard Lee Byers
Title: The Yellow Silk: The Rogues, Author: Don Bassingthwaite
Title: The Elitist Supremacy (The Elite and the Rogues, #1), Author: Niranjan K
Title: A Match for the Rebellious Earl, Author: Lara Temple
Title: The Return of the Disappearing Duke, Author: Lara Temple