Title: Robot Ethics, Author: Mark Coeckelbergh Pre-Order Now
Title: Cloud Computing, Author: Nayan B. Ruparelia
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Title: Supernova, Author: Or Graur
Title: Anticorruption, Author: Robert I. Rotberg
Title: Self-Tracking, Author: Gina  Neff
Title: Haptics, Author: Lynette Jones
Title: Whiteness, Author: Martin Lund Pre-Order Now
Title: The Technological Singularity, Author: Murray Shanahan
Title: Computational Thinking, Author: Peter J. Denning
Title: Intellectual Property Strategy, Author: John Palfrey
Title: Nihilism, Author: Nolen Gertz
Title: Metadata, Author: Jeffrey Pomerantz
Title: Open Access, Author: Peter Suber
Title: The Future, Author: Nick Montfort
Title: Paradox, Author: Margaret Cuonzo
Title: Machine Learning, revised and updated edition, Author: Ethem Alpaydin
Title: Echo, Author: Amit Pinchevski
Title: Annotation, Author: Remi H. Kalir
Title: Fake Photos, Author: Hany Farid
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Title: Ketamine, Author: Bita Moghaddam

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