Title: Analog, Author: Robert Hassan Pre-Order Now
Title: The Conscious Mind, Author: Zoltan Torey
Title: Citizenship, Author: Dimitry Kochenov
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Title: The Mind-Body Problem, Author: Jonathan Westphal
Title: The Internet of Things, revised and updated edition, Author: Samuel Greengard
Title: Free Will, Author: Mark Balaguer
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Title: Hunting: A Cultural History, Author: Jan  Dizard Pre-Order Now
Title: Neurolinguistics, Author: Giosue Baggio Pre-Order Now
Title: Anticorruption, Author: Robert I. Rotberg
Title: The Book, Author: Amaranth Borsuk
Title: Computational Thinking, Author: Peter J. Denning
Title: Macroeconomics, Author: Felipe Larrain B.
Title: Deconstruction, Author: David J. Gunkel
Title: Spaceflight: A Concise History, Author: Michael J. Neufeld
Title: Memes in Digital Culture, Author: Limor Shifman
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Title: Spatial Computing, Author: Shashi Shekhar
Title: The Technological Singularity, Author: Murray Shanahan
Title: Machine Learning: The New AI, Author: Ethem Alpaydin
Title: Behavioral Insights, Author: Michael Hallsworth
Title: The Internet of Things, Author: Samuel Greengard

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