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Title: The Mind-Body Problem, Author: Jonathan Westphal
Title: Machine Translation, Author: Thierry Poibeau
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Title: Gender(s), Author: Kathryn Bond Stockton
Title: Information and Society, Author: Michael Buckland
Title: Hunting: A Cultural History, Author: Jan E. Dizard Pre-Order Now
Title: Neuroplasticity, Author: Moheb Costandi
Title: fMRI, Author: Peter A. Bandettini
Title: Behavioral Insights, Author: Michael Hallsworth
Title: AI Ethics, Author: Mark Coeckelbergh
Title: Nihilism, Author: Nolen Gertz
Title: The Conscious Mind, Author: Zoltan Torey
Title: Deep Learning, Author: John D. Kelleher
Title: Spatial Computing, Author: Shashi Shekhar
Title: Annotation, Author: Remi H. Kalir
Title: Supernova, Author: Or Graur
Title: Ketamine, Author: Bita Moghaddam
Title: Carbon Capture, Author: Howard J. Herzog
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Title: Food, Author: Fabio Parasecoli
Title: Waves, Author: Fredric Raichlen
Title: Hate Speech, Author: Caitlin Ring Carlson

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