Title: Collected Essays: Volume III, Author: Haym Soloveitchik
Title: Jews of Vienna and the First World War, Author: David Rechter
Title: Jews in Poland and Russia: 1350-1914 v. 1, Author: Antony Polonsky
Title: Jews in Poland and Russia: 1881-1914 v. 2, Author: Antony Polonsky
Title: Challenge and Conformity: The Religious Lives of Orthodox Jewish Women, Author: Lindsey Taylor-Guthartz
Title: Torah from Heaven: The Reconstruction of Faith, Author: Norman Solomon
Title: Rediscovering Traces of Memory: The Jewish Heritage of Polish Galicia, Author: Jonathan Webber
Title: Cities of Splendour in the Shaping of Sephardi History, Author: Jane S. Gerber
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Title: A Frog Under the Tongue: Jewish Folk Medicine in Eastern Europe, Author: Marek Tuszewicki
Title: Kibbutz Movement: A History: Origins and Growth, 1909-1939 v. 1, Author: Henry Near
Title: Rabbi, Mystic, or Impostor?: The Eighteenth-Century Ba'al Shem of London, Author: Michal Oron
Title: Ars Judaica: The Bar-Ilan Journal of Jewish Art, Volume 7, Author: Bracha Yaniv
Title: Theology and Poetry: Studies in the Medieval Piyyut, Author: Jakob J. Petuchowski
Title: Jewish Theology and World Religions, Author: Alon Goshen-Gottstein
Title: Social Change and Halakhic Evolution in American Orthodoxy, Author: Chaim I. Waxman
Title: Is There a Jewish Philosophy?: Rethinking Fundamentals, Author: Leon Roth
Title: Marrano Poets of the Seventeenth Century: An Anthology of the Poetry of Joao Pinto Delgado, Antonio Enriquez Gomez, and Miguel De Barrios, Author: Timothy Oelman
Title: Polin: Studies in Polish Jewry Volume 18: Jewish Women in Eastern Europe, Author: ChaeRan Freeze
Title: Religious Truth: Towards a Jewish Theology of Religions, Author: Alon Goshen-Gottstein
Title: Hasidic Commentary on the Torah, Author: Ora Wiskind-Elper

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