Title: Limits of Orthodox Theology: Maimonides' Thirteen Principles Reappraised, Author: Marc B. Shapiro
Title: Beyond Reasonable Doubt, Author: Louis Jacobs
Title: The Jews in Poland and Russia: Volume I: 1350 to 1881, Author: Antony Polonsky
Title: Conscious History: Polish Jewish Historians before the Holocaust, Author: Natalia Aleksiun Pre-Order Now
Title: Jews of Vienna and the First World War, Author: David Rechter
Title: Challenge and Conformity: The Religious Lives of Orthodox Jewish Women, Author: Lindsey Taylor-Guthartz
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Title: The Jews in Poland and Russia: Volume II: 1881 to 1914, Author: Antony Polonsky
Title: Torah from Heaven: The Reconstruction of Faith, Author: Norman Solomon
Title: Rediscovering Traces of Memory: The Jewish Heritage of Polish Galicia, Author: Jonathan Webber
Title: Collected Essays: Volume III, Author: Haym Soloveitchik
Title: Cities of Splendour in the Shaping of Sephardi History, Author: Jane S. Gerber
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Title: The Jews in Poland and Russia: Volume III: 1914-2008, Author: Antony Polonsky
Title: Ars Judaica: The Bar-Ilan Journal of Jewish Art, Volume 7, Author: Bracha Yaniv
Title: Polin: Studies in Polish Jewry Volume 22: Social and Cultural Boundaries in Pre-modern Poland, Author: Adam Teller
Title: Sarah Schenirer and the Bais Yaakov Movement: A Revolution in the Name of Tradition, Author: Naomi Seidman
Title: Hope of Israel, Author: Menasseh Ben-Israel
Title: Jewish Women in Enlightenment Berlin, Author: Natalie Naimark-Goldberg
Title: Rabbi, Mystic, or Impostor?: The Eighteenth-Century Ba'al Shem of London, Author: Michal Oron
Title: Jewish Theology and World Religions, Author: Alon Goshen-Gottstein
Title: Social Change and Halakhic Evolution in American Orthodoxy, Author: Chaim I. Waxman

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