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Title: Holy Feast and Holy Fast: The Religious Significance of Food to Medieval Women / Edition 1, Author: Caroline Walker Bynum
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Title: The Gold Standard and the Logic of Naturalism: American Literature at the Turn of the Century / Edition 1, Author: Walter Benn Michaels
Title: Shakespearean Negotiations: The Circulation of Social Energy in Renaissance England / Edition 1, Author: Stephen Greenblatt
Title: The Mirror of Herodotus: The Representation of the Other in the Writing of History, Author: François Hartog
Title: Literary Practice and Social Change in Britain, 1380-1530, Author: Lee Patterson
Title: Trials of Authorship: Anterior Forms and Poetic Reconstruction from Wyatt to Shakespeare, Author: Jonathan Crewe
Title: Domestic Individualism: Imagining Self in Nineteenth-Century America / Edition 1, Author: Gillian Brown
Title: The Widening Gate: Bristol and the Atlantic Economy, 1450-1700 / Edition 1, Author: David Harris Sacks
Title: Mexican Ballads, Chicano Poems: History and Influence in Mexican-American Social Poetry, Author: José E. Limón
Title: Romancing the Past: The Rise of Vernacular Prose Historiography in Thirteenth-Century France / Edition 1, Author: Gabrielle M Spiegel
Title: Dearest Beloved: The Hawthornes and the Making of the Middle-Class Family, Author: T. Walter Herbert
Title: Carnal Israel: Reading Sex in Talmudic Culture / Edition 1, Author: Daniel Boyarin
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Title: Dilemmas of Enlightenment: Studies in the Rhetoric and Logic of Ideology / Edition 1, Author: Oscar Kenshur
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Title: Writing and Rebellion: England in 1381, Author: Steven Justice
Title: Nobody's Story: The Vanishing Acts of Women Writers in the Marketplace, 1670-1920, Author: Catherine Gallagher
Title: Resistant Structures: Particularity, Radicalism, and Renaissance Texts, Author: Richard Strier
Title: Mexico at the World's Fairs: Crafting a Modern Nation, Author: Mauricio Tenorio-Trillo
Title: Fleeing the Iron Cage: Culture, Politics and Modernity in the Thought of Max Weber, Author: Lawrence A. Scaff
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