Title: Beyond the Poseidon Adventure
Title: MacKenna's Gold
Director: J. Lee Thompson
Title: The Scalphunters
Director: Sydney Pollack
Title: Kelly's Heroes
Director: Brian G. Hutton
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Title: Pretty Maids All in a Row
Title: Dirty Dozen: the Deadly Mission/the Fatal Mission
Title: On Her Majesty's Secret Service
Title: Lisa and the Devil/House of Exorcism
Title: Escape to Athena
Title: The Assassination Bureau
Title: The Slender Thread
Title: Killer Force
Title: Una Ragione Per Vivere E Una Per Morire
Title: A Town Called Hell
Title: Clay Pigeon
Title: Inside Out
Director: Peter Duffell
Title: Sol Madrid
Director: Brian G. Hutton
Title: Mongo's Back in Town
Title: Land Raiders
Director: Nathan Juran
Title: Border Copy