Title: Dad, Who Will I Be?, Author: G.Todd Taylor
Title: I Don't See Color, Author: G.Todd Taylor
Title: The Supernatural Door, Author: Allie Pridgen
Title: Kinder County, Author: R M Shiver
Title: I'm By Myself, But Not Alone, Author: Shirley A. Johnson
Title: Hello Freshman Year; A New Beginning, Author: S Y Walton
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Title: Daddy's Little Princess, Author: Morgan E Taylor
Title: Friends Forever, Author: Kim Saunders
Title: In My Eyes, Author: Monique Curry
Title: Father and Child: Achievement Based on African American Structure, Author: A'lon  M Holliday
Title: Forgetting Betrayal, Author: Brook Lynn Dorcent
Title: Saving the Earth - One Straw at a Time, Author: David Liu
Title: Kinder County: Sins and Secrets, Author: R.M. Shiver
Title: Though the Mountains Be Shaken, Author: Ariel Selwyn
Title: Persecuted But Not Forsaken, Author: Onica M Royal
Title: I Can Be Anything! I Can Be Me!, Author: Lauren Sharpe-Payne
Title: Shelly's Heart, Author: Maureen O'Neill Hooker
Title: One Voice, Author: S.Y. Walton
Title: Father And Child: Achievement Based on African-American Family Structure, Author: Dr. A'lon M Holliday
Title: A Little Pirate's ABCs, Author: Ruffin McNeill

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