Title: Arts-Based Methods for Decolonising Participatory Research, Author: Tiina Seppïlï
Title: Standardization and Risk Governance: A Multi-Disciplinary Approach, Author: Odd Einar Olsen
Title: The Workplace of the Future: The Fourth Industrial Revolution, the Precariat and the Death of Hierarchies, Author: Jon-Arild Johannessen
Title: Organization and Education Development: Reflecting and Transforming in a Self-Discovery Journey, Author: Suresh Nanwani Pre-Order Now
Title: Budgetary Policy Modelling: Public Expenditures, Author: Pantelis Capros
Title: Validating Bachelorhood: Audience, Patriarchy and Charles Brockden Brown's Editorship of the Monthly Magazine and American Review, Author: Scott Slawinski
Title: Management Development Through Cultural Diversity, Author: Ronnie Lessem
Title: The Fourth Industrial Revolution and the Recolonisation of Africa: The Coloniality of Data, Author: Everisto Benyera
Title: Decolonising Political Communication in Africa: Reframing Ontologies, Author: Beschara Karam
Title: Energy, Wealth and Governance in the Caucasus and Central Asia: Lessons not learned, Author: Richard Auty
Title: Translating Great Russian Literature: The Penguin Russian Classics, Author: Cathy McAteer
Title: Critical Perspectives On Educational Leadership, Author: John Smyth
Title: The Literariness of Media Art, Author: Claudia Benthien
Title: The Political Economy of Populism: An Introduction, Author: Petar Stankov
Title: Changing Transatlantic Security Relations: Do the U.S, the EU and Russia Form a New Strategic Triangle?, Author: Jan Hallenberg
Title: Economic Geography: Past, Present and Future, Author: Sharmistha Bagchi-Sen
Title: Social Innovation: Comparative Perspectives, Author: Helmut Anheier
Title: Masculinities in Forests: Representations of Diversity, Author: Carol J. Pierce Colfer
Title: Men In The Public Eye, Author: Jeff Hearn
Title: Enter Culture, Exit Arts?: The Transformation of Cultural Hierarchies in European Newspaper Culture Sections, 1960-2010, Author: Semi Purhonen

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