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Title: Justice and Human Rights in the African Imagination: We, Too, Are Humans, Author: Chielozona Eze
Title: Our Extractive Age: Expressions of Violence and Resistance, Author: Judith Shapiro
Title: Regional Monetary Policy, Author: Carlos Javier Rodriguez Fuentes
Title: Systems of Classification in Premodern Medical Cultures: Sickness, Health, and Local Epistemologies, Author: Ulrike Steinert
Title: The Fourth Industrial Revolution and the Recolonisation of Africa: The Coloniality of Data, Author: Everisto Benyera
Title: Mathematics of Economics and Business, Author: Frank Werner
Title: Using Brainpower in the Classroom: Five Steps to Accelerate Learning, Author: Steve Garnett
Title: Cities, Autonomy, and Decentralization in Japan, Author: Carola Hein
Title: Modern Languages Across the Curriculum, Author: Michael Grenfell
Title: Modernity and Spirit Worship in India: An Anthropology of the Umwelt, Author: Miho Ishii
Title: Economic Geography: Past, Present and Future, Author: Sharmistha Bagchi-Sen
Title: Hate Speech Law: A Philosophical Examination, Author: Alex Brown
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Title: State Formation and Radical Democracy in India, Author: Manali Desai
Title: Digital Disruption in Teaching and Testing: Assessments, Big Data, and the Transformation of Schooling, Author: Claire Wyatt-Smith
Title: Making Moral Judgments: Psychological Perspectives on Morality, Ethics, and Decision-Making, Author: Donelson Forsyth
Title: Catholic Peacebuilding and Mining: Integral Peace, Development, and Ecology, Author: Caesar A. Montevecchio
Title: Exploring Greek Manuscripts in the Library at Wellcome Collection in London, Author: Petros Bouras-Vallianatos
Title: Fallgirls: Gender and the Framing of Torture at Abu Ghraib, Author: Ryan Ashley Caldwell
Title: Experimental Museology: Institutions, Representations, Users, Author: Marianne Achiam
Title: Creating and Governing Cultural Heritage in the European Union: The European Heritage Label, Author: Tuuli Lähdesmäki

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