Title: Reconstructive Microsurgery (Vademecum Series), Author: Konstantinos Malizos
Title: Modern Persian: A Course-Book / Edition 1, Author: Simin Abrahams
Title: The Political System of the Anuak of the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan, Author: E. E. Evans-Pritchard
Title: Social and Economic Organization of the Rowanduz Kurds, Author: Edmund Leach
Title: Housekeeping among Malay Peasants, Author: Rosemary Firth
Title: Akokoaso: A Survey of a Gold Coast Village, Author: W. H. Beckett
Title: The Ethnic Composition of Tswana Tribes, Author: Isaac Schapera
Title: The Chinese of Sarawak: A Study of Social Structure, Author: Ju-K'ang Tien
Title: Changing Lapps: A Study in Culture Relations in Northernmost Norway, Author: Gutorm Gjessing
Title: History of Economic Analysis / Edition 1, Author: Joseph A. Schumpeter
Title: The Prospects of Industrial Civilisation, Author: Bertrand Russell
Title: The Literary History of England: Vol 3: The Restoration and Eighteenth Century (1660-1789), Author: Donald F. Bond
Title: The The Literary History of England: Vol 2: The Renaissance (1500-1600) / Edition 2, Author: T. Brooke
Title: A Literary History of England: Vol 1: The Middle Ages (to 1500) / Edition 2, Author: Albert C. Baugh
Title: A Literary History of England Vol. 4 / Edition 2, Author: A Baugh
Title: Managed Care: Practice and Progress / Edition 1, Author: Michael Drury
Title: Therapeutics in Pregnancy and Lactation / Edition 1, Author: Anne Lee
Title: Health Policy and Ethics: A Critical Examination of Values from a Global Perspective / Edition 1, Author: Roger Worthington
Title: Essential Revision Notes in Clinical Neurology / Edition 1, Author: Hani T. S. Benamer
Title: Reflecting on Clinical Practice Spiritual Care for Healthcare Professionals: Reflecting on Clinical Practice / Edition 1, Author: Gordon Tom

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