Title: Auguste Rodin: Sculptures and Drawings, Author: Gilles Neret
Title: Van Gogh, Author: Ingo F Walther
Title: Frida Kahlo: 1907-1954 Pain and Passion, Author: Andrea Kettenmann
Title: Michelangelo, 1475-1564, Author: Gilles Neret
Title: Caravaggio, 1571-1610, Author: Gilles Neret
Title: Atget's Paris, Author: Angelika Taschen
Title: Albertus Seba. Cabinet of Natural Curiosities, Author: Irmgard Müsch
Title: Mrs. Newton, Author: June Browne
Title: Surrealism, Author: Cathrin Klingsohr-Leroy
Title: Helmut Newton. A Gun for Hire, Author: TASCHEN
Title: The Big Book of Breasts, Author: Dian Hanson
Title: Berlin. Portrait of a City, Author: TASCHEN
Title: Sebastião Salgado. Africa, Author: Mia Couto
Title: Antione Watteau 1684-1721, Author: Iris Lauterbach
Title: The Big Penis Book, Author: Dian Hanson
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Title: El Código Secreto, Author: Priya Hemenway
Title: Portraits, Author: Norbert Wolf
Title: ICON Web Design: Video Sites, Author: Julius Wiedemann
Title: Case Study Houses. The Complete CSH Program 1945-1966, Author: Elizabeth A. T. Smith
Title: Fashion of the 20th Century: 100 Years of Fashion Ads, Author: Jim Heimann

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