Title: The Brereton Diaries: The War In The Air In The Pacific, Middle East And Europe, 3 October 1941-8 May 1945, Author: Lieutenant-General Lewis H. Brereton
Title: The Curve Of Time, Author: M. Wylie Blanchet
Title: REFLECTIONS AND REMEMBRANCES - Veterans Of The United States Army Air Forces Reminisce About World War II, Author: William T. Y'Blood
Title: Goodbye, Mr. Chips, Author: James Hilton
Title: Generalship: Its Diseases and Their Cure. A Study of The Personal Factor in Command, Author: Major-General J. F. C. Fuller
Title: Military Adaptation In War: With Fear Of Change, Author: Professor Williamson Murray
Title: The British Colonial Experience In Waziristan And Its Applicability To Current Operations, Author: Matthew Williams
Title: Song of the Sky, Author: Guy Murchie
Title: Complete Book of Rifles And Shotguns: with a Seven-Lesson Rifle Shooting Course, Author: Jack O'Connor
Title: Airborne Operations In World War II, European Theater [Illustrated Edition], Author: Dr. John C. Warren
Title: Engineer Aviation Units In The Southwest Pacific Theater During WWII, Author: Major Natalie M. Pearson
Title: Fighting The Flying Circus [Illustrated Edition], Author: Captain Eddie Rickenbacker
Title: Analysis Of The Six Day War, June 1967, Author: Major Charles B. Long
Title: Soviet Counterinsurgency, Author: Captain David Ray Johnson
Title: Old Man's Boy Grows Up, Author: Robert Ruark
Title: The Judas Window, Author: Carter Dickson
Title: Submarine Operations During The Falklands War, Author: Lieutenant Commander Steven R. Harper
Title: Conquering The Night -- Army Air Forces Night Fighters At War [Illustrated Edition], Author: Stephen L. McFarland
Title: The Last Enemy [Illustrated Edition], Author: Flt.-Lt. Richard Hillary
Title: Messiah, Author: Gore Vidal

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