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Title: Caring for the Earth: A strategy for sustainable living, Author: The World Coservation Union (Iucn)
Title: Atlas of Nepal in the Modern World, Author: Michael Sill
Title: Mountain World in Danger: Climate change in the forests and mountains of Europe, Author: Sten Nilsson
Title: Global Environment Outlook 2000, Author: United Nations Environment Programme (Unep)
Title: Strategies for Sustainability: Asia, Author: Jeremy Carew-Reid
Title: Strategies for National Sustainable Development: A handbook for their planning and implementation, Author: Jeremy Carew-Reid
Title: Threats Without Enemies: Facing environmental insecurity, Author: Gwyn Prins
Title: Strategies for Sustainability: Latin America, Author: Arturo Lopez Ornat
Title: Progress for a Small Planet, Author: Barbara Ward
Title: Dam the Rivers, Damn the People: Development and resistence in Amazonian Brazil, Author: Barbara J. Cummings
Title: Rising Seas, Author: Martin Ince
Title: Women and the Environment in the Third World: Alliance for the future, Author: Irene Dankelman
Title: Strategies for Sustainability: Africa, Author: Adrian Wood
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Title: World at the Crossroads: Towards a sustainable, equitable and liveable world, Author: Philip B. Smith
Title: Wasted: Counting the Costs of Global Consumption, Author: Michael Redclift
Title: One World for One Earth: Saving the environment, Author: Philip Sarre