Title: Substructural Logics, Author: Peter Schroeder-Heister
Title: Coherent Systems, Author: Karl Schlechta
Title: Nonstandard Queries and Nonstandard Answers, Author: R. Demolombe
Title: What Is a Logical System?, Author: D. M. Gabbay
Title: Conditionals: From Philosophy to Computer Science, Author: G. Crocco
Title: Logical Reasoning with Diagrams, Author: Gerard Allwein
Title: A New Approach to Quantum Logic, Author: K. Engesser
Paperback $28.14 $29.50 Current price is $28.14, Original price is $29.50.
Title: Handbook of Paraconsistency, Author: J. Y. Beziau
Title: Logical Frameworks For Truth And Abstraction, Author: A. Cantini
Title: Cylindric Algebras, Author: Bozzano G Luisa
Title: Games Iteration Numbers: A Philosophical Introduction to Computability Theory, Author: Luca M. Possati
Title: Set Theory An Introduction To Independence Proofs / Edition 8, Author: K. Kunen
Title: Constructivism In Math, Author: A.S. Troelstra
Paperback $65.65 $72.95 Current price is $65.65, Original price is $72.95.
Title: Classical Recursion Theory: The Theory of Functions and Sets of Natural Numbers / Edition 2, Author: P. Odifreddi
Title: Admissibility of Logical Inference Rules, Author: V.V. Rybakov
Title: Handbook of Proof Theory, Author: S.R. Buss
Title: Handbook of Computability Theory, Author: E.R. Griffor
Title: Categorical Logic and Type Theory, Author: B. Jacobs
Hardcover $128.70 $143.00 Current price is $128.70, Original price is $143.00.
Title: Tools and Techniques in Modal Logic, Author: M. Kracht
Title: Computable Structures and the Hyperarithmetical Hierarchy, Author: C.J. Ash

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