Title: Imperialism and Popular Culture / Edition 1, Author: John M. MacKenzie
Title: Genteel women: Empire and domestic material culture, 1840-1910, Author: Dianne Lawrence
Title: Propaganda and Empire: The manipulation of British public opinion, 1880-1960, Author: John M. MacKenzie
Title: Empire, migration and identity in the British World, Author: Kent Fedorowich
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Title: Mistress of everything: Queen Victoria in Indigenous worlds, Author: Sarah Carter
Title: British civic society at the end of empire: Decolonisation, globalisation, and international responsibility, Author: Anna Bocking-Welch
Cyber Week
A Sale for the (P)ages
Title: Sounds of liberty: Music, radicalism and reform in the Anglophone world, 1790-1914, Author: Kate Bowan
Title: Heroic imperialists in Africa: The promotion of British and French colonial heroes, 1870-1939, Author: Berny Sebe
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Title: The entangled city: Crime as urban fabric in São Paulo, Author: Gabriel Feltran
Title: Empire of scholars: Universities, networks and the British academic world, 1850-1939, Author: Tamson Pietsch
Title: Garden cities and colonial planning: Transnationality and urban ideas in Africa and Palestine, Author: Andrew Thompson
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Title: Law, history, colonialism: The reach of empire, Author: Diane Kirkby
Title: Royal tourists, colonial subjects and the making of a British world, 1860-1911, Author: Charles Reed
Title: Serving the empire in the Great War: The Cypriot Mule Corps, imperial loyalty and silenced memory, Author: Andrekos Varnava
Title: Imperial persuaders: Images of Africa and Asia in British advertising, Author: Anandi Ramamurthy
Title: Banished potentates: Dethroning and exiling indigenous monarchs under British and French colonial rule, 1815-1955, Author: Robert Aldrich
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Title: Writing imperial histories, Author: Andrew Thompson
Title: Cultures of decolonisation: Transnational productions and practices, 1945-70, Author: Ruth Craggs
Title: The souls of white folk: White settlers in Kenya, 1900s-1920s, Author: Brett Shadle
Title: Performing care: New perspectives on socially engaged performance, Author: James Thompson

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