Title: Fritz Lang's Metropolis: Cinematic Visions of Technology and Fear, Author: Michael Minden
Title: Thomas Mann's Death in Venice: A Novella and Its Critics, Author: Ellis Shookman
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Title: Little Detours: The Letters and Plays of Luise Gottsched [1713-1762], Author: Susanne Kord
Title: A Companion to Thomas Mann's Magic Mountain, Author: Stephen D. Dowden
Title: Heinrich Mann's Novels and Essays: The Artist as Political Educator, Author: Karin Verena Gunnemann
Title: Aesthetic Vision and German Romanticism: Writing Images, Author: Brad Prager
Title: A Companion to Goethe's Faust: Parts I and II, Author: Paul Bishop
Title: Thomas Carlyle's The Life of Friedrich Schiller, Author: Thomas Carlyle
Title: Nolten the Painter: A Novella in Two Parts, Author: Eduard Morike
Title: Freud's Theory and Its Use in Literary and Cultural Studies: An Introduction, Author: Henk de Berg
Title: Music and Literature in German Romanticism, Author: Siobhán Donovan
Title: Representation, Subversion, and Eugenics in Günter Grass's The Tin Drum, Author: Peter Arnds
Title: The Birds in Langfoot's Belfry, Author: Paul Zech
Title: Expressionist Film -- New Perspectives, Author: Dietrich Scheunemann
Title: A Companion to the Works of Rainer Maria Rilke, Author: Erika A. Metzger
Title: Interpreting Goethe's Faust Today, Author: Jane K. Brown
Title: German Literature, Jewish Critics: The Brandeis Symposium, Author: Stephen D. Dowden
Title: The Trumpet of Reform: German Literature in Nineteenth-Century New England, Author: Sigrid Bauschinger
Title: Thomas Bernhards Trilogie der Künste: Der Untergeher, Holzfällen, Alte Meister, Author: Gregor Hens
Title: Thomas Mann's Joseph and His Brothers: Writing, Performance, and the Politics of Loyalty, Author: William E. McDonald

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