Title: Empire and mobility in the long nineteenth century, Author: David Lambert
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Title: Child, nation, race and empire: Child rescue discourse, England, Canada and Australia, 1850-1915, Author: Margot Hillel
Title: Country houses and the British Empire, 1700-1930, Author: Stephanie Barczewski
Title: Ordering Africa: Anthropology, European imperialism and the politics of knowledge, Author: Helen Tilley
Title: Savage worlds: German encounters abroad, 1798-1914, Author: Matthew Fitzpatrick
Title: Governing natives: Indirect rule and settler colonialism in Australia's north, Author: Ben Silverstein
Title: Science, race relations and resistance: Britain, 1870-1914, Author: Douglas A. Lorimer
Title: Comic empires: Imperialism in cartoons, caricature, and satirical art, Author: Richard Scully
Title: Ending British rule in Africa: Writers in a common cause, Author: Carol Polsgrove
Title: Sounds of liberty: Music, radicalism and reform in the Anglophone world, 1790-1914, Author: Kate Bowan
Title: Insanity, identity and empire: Immigrants and institutional confinement in Australia and New Zealand, 1873-1910, Author: Catharine Coleborne
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Title: Developing Africa: Concepts and practices in twentieth-century colonialism, Author: Joseph M. Hodge
Title: Garden Cities and Colonial Planning: Transnationality and Urban Ideas in Africa and Palestine, Author: Laura Bigon
Title: The souls of white folk: White settlers in Kenya, 1900s-1920s, Author: Brett Shadle
Title: Colonial Medicine in Punjab: A Social History of Hospitals and Dispensaries, C.1850-1930, Author: Samiksha Sehrawat Pre-Order Now
Title: History, empire, and Islam: E. A. Freeman and Victorian public morality, Author: Vicky Randall
Title: Lawyers for the poor: Legal advice, voluntary action and citizenship in England, 1890-1990, Author: Katharine Bradley
Title: Venomous encounters: Snakes, vivisection and scientific medicine in colonial Australia, Author: Peter Hobbins
Title: Equal subjects, unequal rights, Author: Julie Evans
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Title: Class, work and whiteness: Race and settler colonialism in Southern Rhodesia, 1919-79, Author: Nicola Ginsburgh
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