Title: Birth of a White Nation: The Invention of White People and Its Relevance Today, Author: Jacqueline Battalora
Title: Dismantling Racism One On One: Uniqueness Narrative Equity, Author: John Stewart
Title: Guinea Pigs: Technologies of Control, Author: John Hall
Title: Hate Me Now, Love Me Later, Author: Jason Brown
Title: My Storm, My Savior: Lessons Learned, Author: Steve Moultrie
Title: From the End Zone to a Wheelchair: How I Met God, Author: Doug Smooth Harrington
Title: Those Golden Days, Author: Michael J. Manley
Title: David's ADHD, Author: Sherrill S. Cannon
Title: The Longest Walk, Author: Kirk Marty
Title: Shoes Along the Danube : Based on a True Story, Author: T. Zane Reeves
Title: Loved and Feared: Buddy McLean, Boss of The Notorious Winter Hill Gang During Boston's Irish Mob War, Author: Larry Leavitt
Title: Acronyms Galore: A History of Topics with Timely Information and Funny Stories, Author: Anthony Paul Gipson APG
Title: Hidden Truths, Author: Brenda Youngerman
Title: A Psychological Biography of Hiram
Title: Thy Word Is Forever Established in Heaven: Put Your Voice to God's Word! A Daily Devotional, Author: Toni Allen
Title: Penny the Beach Westie Big Trouble for a Little Dog, Author: M. A. Schueler
Title: A Legal Adult, Author: Donna Stone
Title: Big Bad Wolf, Author: Ben Clement
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Title: Bees and Spiders: Applied Cultural Awareness and the Art of Cross-Cultural Influence, Author: Brian L. Steed
Title: The Wolf and the Fox: The Partisan Campaigns of Major Jacob Clarke, Author: Erick W. Nason

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