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Title: From the End Zone to a Wheelchair: How I Met God, Author: Doug Smooth Harrington
Title: 300 Dog Food Recipes: Three-Ingredient Meals, Author: Dr. Amy Cousino
Title: The Naval Academy - A Parent's Ponderings from Home Port: Untying the Bowline on I-Day, Author: Steve Wade
Title: The View From Rampart Street, Author: Mary Lou Widmer
Title: Taekwondo Poomsae: The Fighting Scrolls : Guiding Philosophy and Basic Applications, Author: Kingsley Umoh
Title: Messianic Peshitta Siddur for Shabbat: (Biblical Hebrew with English translations and commentary), Author: Daniel Perek M.A.
Title: Personhood - A Postulate on the Achievement of Maximum Efficiency and Effectiveness in the Marketplace, Author: John L. Mitchell Jr.
Title: GOD Speaks to His Bridal Presence, Author: Anthony A Eddy
Title: GOD End-time Updates The Guardianship of Friends, Author: Anthony A Eddy
Title: Let Me Make It Right, Author: P. D. Greene
Title: My Little Angel Coloring Book, Author: Sherrill S. Cannon
Title: A Knight for All Time: King Arthur's Choice, Author: Kyle Williamson
Title: A Mom's Wish: Finding the Path through the Autism Maze, Author: Christina Lee
Title: Short and Odd: Confounding Stories of Life: A Collection of Short Stories, Author: Susan M. Obijiski
Title: Loved and Feared: Buddy McLean, Boss of The Notorious Winter Hill Gang During Boston's Irish Mob War, Author: Larry Leavitt
Title: The Alien Grand Design, Author: Tim Donovan
Title: How to Kill Your Batman: A Guide for Male Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse Using Batman to Heal Hypervigilance, Author: Jr. Kenneth Rogers
Title: How to Master Your Inner Superman: A Guide for Male Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse Using Superman to Help Conquer the Need for Facades, Author: Jr. Kenneth Rogers
Title: A Surgeon's Lessons, Learned and Lost, Author: MD John Raffensperger
Title: David's ADHD, Author: Sherrill S. Cannon

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