Title: Inferno, Volume 1: The Trash Project, Author: Ken Hollings
Title: Flowers of Perversion, Volume 2: The Delirious Cinema of Jesús Franco, Author: Stephen Thrower
Title: Jolly Lad, Author: John Doran
Title: Bass, Mids, Tops: An Oral History of Sound System Culture, Author: Joe Muggs
Title: In a Sound World, Author: Victor Segalen Pre-Order Now
Title: Gossamer Days: Spiders, Humans and Their Threads, Author: Eleanor Morgan
Cyber Week
A Sale for the (P)ages
Title: Medical London, Author: Richard Barnett
Title: Our Fatal Magic, Author: Tai Shani
Title: The Space Oracle, Author: Ken Hollings
Title: Of Kings and Things: Strange Tales and Decadent Poems by Count Eric Stanislaus Stenbock, Author: Eric Stanislaus Stenbock
Title: The Surrender of Silence: A Memoir of Ironfoot Jack, King of the Bohemians, Author: Ironfoot Jack
Title: The Moons at Your Door: An Anthology of Hallucinatory Tales, Author: David Tibet
Title: Incurable: The Haunted Writings of Lionel Johnson, the Decadent Era's Dark Angel, Author: Lionel P Johnson
Title: High Static, Dead Lines: Sonic Spectres & the Object Hereafter, Author: Kristen Gallerneaux
Title: All in the Downs: Reflections on Life, Landscape, and Song, Author: Shirley Collins
Title: Of Shadows: One Hundred Objects from the Museum of Witchcraft and Magic, Author: Sara Hannant
Title: Vanished City: London's Lost Neighbourhoods, Author: Tom Bolton
Title: Rated Savx: The Savage Pencil Scratchbook, Author: Savage Pencil
Title: Of Mud and Flame: A Penda's Fen Sourcebook, Author: Matthew Harle
Title: Somnium, revised and expanded edition, Author: Steve Moore

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