Title: The Thing about December, Author: Donal Ryan
Title: Resurrection Bay: Caleb Zelic Series: Volume One, Author: Emma Viskic
Title: Apostle Paul: A Novel, Author: James Cannon
Title: Subtly Worded, Author: Teffi
by Teffi
Title: I Heard You Paint Houses: Frank
Title: The Decagon House Murders, Author: Yukito Ayatsuji
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Title: The Forging of a Rebel: The Forge, The Track and The Clash, Author: Arturo Barea
Title: The Lady Killer, Author: Masako Togawa
Title: Vertigo, Author: Pierre Boileau
Title: The Inugami Curse, Author: Seishi Yokomizo
Title: Ms Ice Sandwich, Author: Mieko Kawakami
Title: Murder in the Crooked House, Author: Soji Shimada
Title: After Dachau, Author: Daniel Quinn
Title: Marina and Lee: The Tormented Love and Fatal Obsession Behind Lee Harvey Oswald's Assassination of John F. Kennedy, Author: Priscilla Johnson McMillan
Title: The Honjin Murders, Author: Seishi Yokomizo
Title: In the Land of the Cyclops, Author: Karl Ove Knausgaard
Title: Don't Call it a Cult: The Shocking Story of Keith Raniere and the Women of NXIVM, Author: Sarah  Berman
Title: Days in the Caucasus, Author: Banine
Title: Juan Hormiga, Author: Gustavo Roldan
Title: The Secrets of the Wild Wood, Author: Tonke Dragt

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