Title: History, Author: Elsa Morante
Title: Resurrection Bay, Author: Emma Viskic
Title: I Heard You Paint Houses: Frank
Title: Vertigo, Author: Pierre Boileau
Title: The Spinning Heart, Author: Donal Ryan
Title: The Master Key, Author: Masako Togawa
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Title: The Tokyo Zodiac Murders, Author: Soji Shimada
Title: The Old Man in the Corner: The Teahouse Detective: Volume 1, Author: Orczy
Title: The Brethren: Fortunes of France #1, Author: Robert Merle
Title: The Honjin Murders, Author: Seishi Yokomizo
Title: Mawson's Will: The Greatest Polar Survival Story Ever Written, Author: Lennard Bickel
Title: Sicily: Three Thousand Years of Human History, Author: Sandra Benjamin
Title: The Inugami Curse, Author: Seishi Yokomizo
Title: The Letter for the King, Author: Tonke Dragt
Title: A Criminal and an Irishman: The Inside Story of the Boston Mob-IRA Connection, Author: Patrick Nee
Title: Call of the Wild: Campfire Graphic Novel, Author: Jack London
Title: The Irishman (Movie Tie-In): Frank Sheeran and Closing the Case on Jimmy Hoffa, Author: Charles Brandt
Title: The Secrets of the Wild Wood, Author: Tonke Dragt
Title: Prejudential: Black America and the Presidents, Author: Margaret Kimberley
Title: Mayhem: Unanswered Questions about the Tsarnaev Brothers, the US Government and the Boston Marathon Bombing, Author: Michele R. McPhee

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