Title: Autobiography, Author: John Stuart Mill
Title: Spies of the Kaiser: Plotting the Downfall of England, Author: William Le Queux
Title: Combat, Author: Dallas McCord Reynolds
Title: Charmides, Author: Plato
by Plato
Title: Edward Fane's Rosebud, Author: Nathaniel Hawthorne
Title: Selections from the Writings of Lord Dunsay, Author: Lord Dunsany
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Title: Injun and Whitey to the Rescue, Author: William S. Hart
Title: John Inglefield's Thanksgiving, Author: Nathaniel Hawthorne
Title: Marguerite de Valois, Author: Alexandre Dumas
Title: The Leatherwood God, Author: William Dean Howells
Title: This One Problem, Author: M. C. Pease
Title: An Ethical Problem, Author: Albert Leffingwell
Title: The Meaning of Truth, Author: Dr. William James
Title: Kitty Trenire, Author: Mabel Quiller-Couch
Title: To Each His Star, Author: Bryce Walton
Title: Tight Squeeze, Author: Dean Ing
Title: First and Last Things, Author: H. G. Wells
Title: DP, Author: Arthur Dekker Savage
Title: Sights From A Steeple, Author: Nathaniel Hawthorne
Title: Houlihan's Equation, Author: Walter J. Sheldon

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