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Title: Unlocking Leadership Mindtraps: How to Thrive in Complexity, Author: Jennifer Garvey Berger
Title: How to Be Sort of Happy in Law School, Author: Kathryne M. Young
Title: A Matter of Death and Life, Author: Irvin D. Yalom
Title: The Rhetoric of Sincerity, Author: Ernst van Alphen
Title: The American Yawp: A Massively Collaborative Open U.S. History Textbook, Vol. 1: To 1877, Author: Joseph L. Locke
Title: The Latinos of Asia: How Filipino Americans Break the Rules of Race, Author: Anthony Christian Ocampo
Title: Mimesis and Theory: Essays on Literature and Criticism, 1953-2005, Author: René Girard
Title: Things Hidden Since the Foundation of the World / Edition 1, Author: René Girard
Title: Jaws: The Story of a Hidden Epidemic, Author: Sandra Kahn
Title: California School Law: Third Edition / Edition 3, Author: Frank Kemerer
Title: The American Yawp: A Massively Collaborative Open U.S. History Textbook, Vol. 2: Since 1877 / Edition 1, Author: Joseph L. Locke
Title: The Life and Times of Pancho Villa / Edition 1, Author: Friedrich Katz
Title: The High Cost of Good Intentions: A History of U.S. Federal Entitlement Programs, Author: John F. Cogan
Title: Global Burning: Rising Antidemocracy and the Climate Crisis, Author: Eve Darian-Smith
Title: The Idea of Galicia: History and Fantasy in Habsburg Political Culture / Edition 1, Author: Larry Wolff
Title: Skimmed: Breastfeeding, Race, and Injustice, Author: Andrea Freeman
Title: Children of Global Migration: Transnational Families and Gendered Woes / Edition 1, Author: Rhacel Parreñas
Title: How Civility Works, Author: Keith J. Bybee
Title: Pastels and Pedophiles: Inside the Mind of QAnon, Author: Mia Bloom
Title: Who Is Man?, Author: Abraham  J. Heschel

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