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Title: Translational Criminology and Counterterrorism: Global Threats and Local Responses, Author: Leslie W. Kennedy
Title: Defining Street Gangs in the 21st Century: Fluid, Mobile, and Transnational Networks, Author: C.E. Prowse
Title: Preventing Terrorism and Controlling Risk: A Comparative Analysis of Control Orders in the UK and Australia, Author: Susan Donkin
Title: Social Crime Prevention in the Developing World: Exploring the Role of Police in Crime Prevention, Author: Heath Grant
Title: Emerging Trends in Drug Use and Distribution, Author: David N. Khey
Title: Using Modeling to Predict and Prevent Victimization, Author: Ken Pease
Title: A Global Perspective on Young People as Offenders and Victims: First Results from the ISRD3 Study, Author: Dirk Enzmann
Title: Policing in Russia: Combating Corruption since the 2009 Police Reforms, Author: Serguei Cheloukhine
Title: Treatment versus Punishment for Drug Addiction: Lessons from Austria, Poland, and Spain, Author: Richard Soyer
Title: Homicide in S�o Paulo: An Examination of Trends from 1960-2010, Author: Bruno Paes Manso
Title: Police Misconduct in Brooklyn: Documenting, Understanding and Preventing, Author: Brian A. Maule
Title: The Dual Nature of Legitimacy in the Prison Environment: An Inquiry in Slovenian Prisons, Author: Rok Hacin
Title: Female Delinquency From Childhood To Young Adulthood: Recent Results from the Pittsburgh Girls Study, Author: Rolf Loeber
Title: Police Policy Shifts After 9/11: From Community Policing to Homeland Security: A New York Case Study, Author: Mohsen Alizadeh
Title: Confidential Informants: A Closer Look at Police Policy, Author: Jon Shane
Title: Comparative Study of Child Soldiering on Myanmar-China Border: Evolutions, Challenges and Countermeasures, Author: Kai Chen
Title: Education Level and Police Use of Force: The Impact of a College Degree, Author: John Vespucci
Title: Crime, Criminalization and Refugees: The Case of Sudanese Australians, Author: Darren Palmer
Title: Learning from Error in Policing: A Case Study in Organizational Accident Theory / Edition 1, Author: Jon Shane
Title: Neighborhood Disorganization and Social Control: Case Studies from Three Russian Cities, Author: Olga Siegmunt

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