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Title: Optoelectronics and Photonics Engineering, Author: Partha S. Dutta Pre-Order Now
Title: System Identification and Adaptive Control, Author: Bahram Shafai Pre-Order Now
Title: A Natural History of the Milky Way, Author: Cristina Chiappini Pre-Order Now
Title: Video over IP Protocol and Networks, Author: Dipak Ghosal Pre-Order Now
Title: Eye Surgery: An Introduction to Operative Technique / Edition 3, Author: ROBERT FECHTNER Pre-Order Now
Title: Semismooth and Smoothing Newton Methods / Edition 1, Author: Liqun Qi Pre-Order Now
Title: Genitourinary and Adrenal Gland Synoptic Reporting, Author: Debra Zynger Pre-Order Now
Title: Amputation, Prosthesis Use, and Phantom Limb Pain: An Interdisciplinary Perspective, Author: Craig Murray Pre-Order Now
Title: Food Processing, Author: Rui Costa Pre-Order Now
Title: Thinking Risk with Multi-objective Population-based Heuristics, Author: Hussein A. Abbass Pre-Order Now
Title: Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge: Exploring, Developing, and Assessing TPCK, Author: Charoula Angeli Pre-Order Now
Title: Ecological Restoration in Mediterranean-Type Ecosystems, Author: Peter A. Bowler Pre-Order Now
Title: Networking and Protocol Layering: Legacy or Clean Slate, Author: Nirmala Shenoy Pre-Order Now
Title: Reviews in Ecological Economics, Volume 1, Author: Robert Costanza Pre-Order Now
Title: Collected Papers: Volume IV 1991-2000, Author: Bertram Kostant
Title: Collected Papers: Volume III 1978-1990, Author: Bertram Kostant
Title: Collected Papers: Volume II 1967-1977, Author: Bertram Kostant
Title: Handbook of Cardiovascular Behavioral Medicine / Edition 1, Author: Shari R. Waldstein
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Title: Collected Papers: Volume V 2001-2015, Author: Bertram Kostant
Title: Thermal Physiology: A Worldwide History, Author: Clark M. Blatteis

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