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Title: The Elements of Statistical Learning: Data Mining, Inference, and Prediction / Edition 2, Author: Trevor Hastie
Title: Alice in Quantumland: An Allegory of Quantum Physics / Edition 1, Author: Robert Gilmore
Title: Introduction to Boolean Algebras / Edition 1, Author: Steven Givant
Title: Pediatric Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging / Edition 4, Author: S.Ted. Treves
Title: Essential Cardiology: Principles and Practice / Edition 3, Author: Clive Rosendorff
Title: Comprehensive Treatment of Chronic Pain by Medical, Interventional, and Integrative Approaches: The AMERICAN ACADEMY OF PAIN MEDICINE Textbook on Patient Management / Edition 1, Author: Timothy R Deer
Title: Encyclopedia of Medical Immunology: Autoimmune Diseases / Edition 1, Author: Ian R. Mackay
Title: Internal Medicine / Edition 2, Author: Dala R. Jarolim
Title: Real Analysis and Applications: Theory in Practice, Author: Kenneth R. Davidson
Title: Geriatric Rheumatology: A Comprehensive Approach / Edition 1, Author: Yuri Nakasato
Title: Minimally Invasive Surgery in Orthopedics / Edition 1, Author: Giles R. Scuderi
Title: Astrophysical Concepts / Edition 4, Author: Martin Harwit
Title: Quantum Cosmology: A Fundamental Description of the Universe / Edition 1, Author: Martin Bojowald
Title: The Biosphere, Author: Vladimir I. Vernadsky
Title: Arnold Sommerfeld: Science, Life and Turbulent Times 1868-1951 / Edition 1, Author: Michael Eckert
Title: Dail and Hammar's Pulmonary Pathology: Volume II: Neoplastic Lung Disease / Edition 3, Author: Joseph F. Tomashefski
Title: The Night Sky Companion: A Yearly Guide to Sky-Watching 2008-2009, Author: Tammy Plotner
Title: The Geometry of Involute Gears / Edition 1, Author: J.R. Colbourne
Title: The Mechanosensory Lateral Line: Neurobiology and Evolution, Author: Sheryl Coombs
Title: Color Atlas of Pulmonary Cytopathology / Edition 1, Author: Sudha R. Kini

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