Title: OZONE: A new medical drug / Edition 2, Author: Velio Bocci
Title: Chemistry and Technology of Epoxy Resins, Author: Bryan Ellis
Title: Principles of Chemical Vapor Deposition / Edition 1, Author: D.M. Dobkin
Title: Space Mission Analysis and Design / Edition 3, Author: J.R. Wertz
Title: Spacecraft Structures and Mechanisms: From Concept to Launch / Edition 1, Author: Thomas P. Sarafin
Title: Quantum Theory: Informational Foundations and Foils, Author: Giulio Chiribella
Title: Labor Economics: Problems in Analyzing Labor Markets, Author: William A. Darity
Title: Nuclear Cardiology in Everyday Practice / Edition 1, Author: J. Candell-Riera
Title: Immunology and Molecular Biology of Cardiovascular Diseases / Edition 1, Author: C.J. Spry
Title: Clinical Learning and Teaching Innovations in Nursing: Dedicated Education Units Building a Better Future, Author: Kay Edgecombe
Title: Bohmian Mechanics and Quantum Theory: An Appraisal, Author: J.T. Cushing
Title: Environmental Sustainability Issues in the South Texas-Mexico Border Region, Author: David Ramirez
Title: The Origin of Stars and Planetary Systems / Edition 1, Author: Charles J. Lada
Title: Stellar Atmospheres: Beyond Classical Models, Author: L. Crivellari
Title: The Status of Soviet Civil Science: Proceedings of the Symposium on Soviet Scientific Research, NATO Headquarters, Brussels, Belgium, September 24-26, 1986, Author: Craig Sinclair
Title: Neutron Stars: Theory and Observation, Author: J.E Ventura
Title: Kinetic Theory of Gases and Plasmas / Edition 1, Author: PPJM Schram
Title: Handbook of Schizophrenia Spectrum Disorders, Volume II: Phenotypic and Endophenotypic Presentations / Edition 1, Author: Michael S. Ritsner
Title: An Introduction to Medical Teaching / Edition 2, Author: Kathryn N. Huggett
Title: Embracing Indigenous Knowledge in Science and Medical Teaching, Author: Mariana G Hewson

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