Title: The Genesis Strategy: Climate and Global Survival, Author: Stephen Schneider
Title: Snowstorms Along the Northeastern Coast of the United States: 1955 to 1985, Author: Paul J. Kocin
Title: The Thermal Theory of Cyclones: A History of Meteorological Thought in the Nineteenth Century, Author: Gisela Kutzbach
Title: History of Meteorology to 1800, Author: H. Howard Frisinger
Title: Epidemiology and Biostatistics: An Introduction to Clinical Research, Author: Bryan Kestenbaum
Title: Unsettling Responsibility in Science Education: Indigenous Science, Deconstruction, and the Multicultural Science Education Debate, Author: Marc Higgins
Title: Multiscale Biomechanics and Tribology of Inorganic and Organic Systems: In memory of Professor Sergey Psakhie, Author: Georg-Peter Ostermeyer
Title: Asylum Matters: On the Front Line of Administrative Decision-Making, Author: Laura Affolter
Title: Taming the Big Green Elephant: Setting in Motion the Transformation Towards Sustainability, Author: Ariel Macaspac Hernïndez
Title: Ernst Denert Award for Software Engineering 2019: Practice Meets Foundations, Author: Michael Felderer
Title: Education and Climate Change: The Role of Universities, Author: Fernando M Reimers
Title: Familial Feeling: Entangled Tonalities in Early Black Atlantic Writing and the Rise of the British Novel, Author: Elahe Haschemi Yekani
Title: One Hundred Years of Social Protection: The Changing Social Question in Brazil, India, China, and South Africa, Author: Lutz Leisering
Title: Writing Manuals for the Masses: The Rise of the Literary Advice Industry from Quill to Keyboard, Author: Anneleen Masschelein
Title: 2050 China: Becoming a Great Modern Socialist Country, Author: Angang Hu
Title: The Evolutionary Dynamics of Discursive Knowledge: Communication-Theoretical Perspectives on an Empirical Philosophy of Science, Author: Loet Leydesdorff
Title: The Science of Citizen Science, Author: Katrin Vohland
Title: Improving a Country's Education: PISA 2018 Results in 10 Countries, Author: Nuno Crato
Title: NL ARMS Netherlands Annual Review of Military Studies 2020: Deterrence in the 21st Century-Insights from Theory and Practice, Author: Frans Osinga
Title: Smart and Sustainable Planning for Cities and Regions: Results of SSPCR 2019-Open Access Contributions, Author: Adriano Bisello

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