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Title: Current Concepts in Pediatric Radiology, Author: R. Astley
Title: Placental Proteins, Author: A. Klopper
Title: The Safety of Medicines: Evaluation and Prediction, Author: P. I. Folb
Title: Hazards and Errors in Anaesthesia, Author: D A B Hopkin
Title: Placental Function Tests, Author: T Chard
Title: Roads to Radiology: An Imaging Guide to Medicine and Surgery / Edition 1, Author: T. Sherwood
Title: Primary Health Care: Bridging the Gap Between Theory and Practice, Author: N.C.H. Stott
Title: Gastrointestinal Disease, Author: C.J.C. Roberts
Title: Rheumatic Disease, Author: H. A. Capell
Title: Drug Safety in Clinical Practice, Author: Peter I Folb
Title: Proper Doctoring, Author: D. Mendel
Title: The Elderly, Author: W.J. MacLennan
Title: Combined Care of the Rheumatic Patient / Edition 1, Author: H.A. Bird
Title: Coloproctology: Diagnosis and Outpatient Management / Edition 1, Author: R.J. Nicholls
Title: Cardiovascular Disease / Edition 1, Author: A.R. Lorimer
Title: Diagnostic Paediatric Imaging: a case study teaching manual / Edition 1, Author: Christine M. Hall
Title: Sexually Transmitted Diseases / Edition 1, Author: David Goldmeier
Title: Neurological Disorders / Edition 1, Author: John David Parkes
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Title: Respiratory Disease, Author: Anne E Tattersfield
Title: Introduction to Biopsy Interpretation and Surgical Pathology / Edition 2, Author: James C. Underwood

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