Title: Botany Illustrated: Introduction to Plants, Major Groups, Flowering Plant Families / Edition 2, Author: Janice Glimn-Lacy
Title: Microorganisms in Foods 7: Microbiological Testing in Food Safety Management, Author: International Commission for the Microbiological Specifications of Foods (ICMSF)
Title: Advanced Concepts in Adaptive Signal Processing / Edition 1, Author: W. Kenneth Jenkins
Title: Contemporary Concepts in Cardiology: Pathophysiology and Clinical Management / Edition 1, Author: Richard Gorlin
Title: An Introduction to Statistical Learning: with Applications in R, Author: Gareth James Pre-Order Now
Title: Structural Design in Wood, Author: Judith J. Stalnaker
Title: Promoting Nonviolence in Early Adolescence: Responding in Peaceful and Positive Ways / Edition 1, Author: Aleta L. Meyer
Title: Molecular Mechanisms for Repair of DNA: Part A, Author: Philip Hanawalt
Title: Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology in the Young / Edition 1, Author: Macdonald Dick
Title: Anxiety Management Training: A Behavior Therapy, Author: Richard M. Suinn
Title: Drug and Alcohol Abuse: A Clinical Guide to Diagnosis and Treatment / Edition 6, Author: Marc A. Schuckit
Title: Critical Care Infectious Diseases Textbook / Edition 1, Author: Jordi Rello
Title: Principles of Quantum Mechanics / Edition 2, Author: R. Shankar
Title: Ice Cream, Author: H Douglas Goff
Title: The Operation of Internal Labor Markets: Staffing Practices and Vacancy Chains, Author: Lawrence T. Pinfield
Title: Channel Catfish Farming Handbook, Author: C. S. Tucker
Title: Neonatology and Blood Transfusion / Edition 1, Author: C. Th. Smit-Sibinga
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Title: Introduction to Plasma Physics / Edition 1, Author: Francis F. Chen
Title: Recent Developments in Alcoholism: Memory Deficits Sociology of Treatment Ion Channels Early Problem Drinking / Edition 1, Author: Marc Galanter
Title: Handbook of Behavior Therapy in the Psychiatric Setting / Edition 1, Author: Alan S. Bellack

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