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Title: Water Quality: An Introduction, Author: Claude E. Boyd
Title: AJCC Cancer Staging Manual / Edition 8, Author: Mahul B. Amin
Hardcover $115.99 $119.99 Current price is $115.99, Original price is $119.99.
Title: Principles and Practice of Geriatric Surgery, Author: Ronnie A. Rosenthal Pre-Order Now
Title: Election Systems and Gerrymandering Worldwide, Author: Steve Bickerstaff Pre-Order Now
Title: Integrative and Functional Medical Nutrition Therapy: Principles and Practices, Author: Diana Noland Pre-Order Now
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Title: Chronic Wounds, Wound Dressings and Wound Healing, Author: Melvin A. Shiffman Pre-Order Now
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Title: Practice of Sleep Medicine: Sleep Disorders in Children and Adults, Author: Boris A. Stuck Pre-Order Now
Title: Arthur Miller for the Twenty-First Century: Contemporary Views of His Writings and Ideas, Author: Stephen Marino Pre-Order Now
Title: Supportive Care Strategies: Optimizing Transplant Care, Author: Laura Finn Pre-Order Now
Title: A Quest for Quality Wine, Every Time: A Guide to Root Cause Analysis, Author: Joyce Steakley Pre-Order Now
Title: Error-Correction Coding and Decoding: Bounds, Codes, Decoders, Analysis and Applications, Author: Martin Tomlinson
Title: History Education and Conflict Transformation: Social Psychological Theories, History Teaching and Reconciliation, Author: Charis Psaltis
Title: Pentecostalism and Witchcraft: Spiritual Warfare in Africa and Melanesia, Author: Knut Rio
Title: Compositionality and Concepts in Linguistics and Psychology, Author: James A. Hampton
Title: The Mathematics Education of Prospective Secondary Teachers Around the World, Author: Marilyn E. Strutchens
Title: Research, Ethics and Risk in the Authoritarian Field, Author: Marlies Glasius
Title: Nature-Based Solutions to Climate Change Adaptation in Urban Areas: Linkages between Science, Policy and Practice, Author: Nadja Kabisch
Title: Quantum Computing: An Applied Approach, Author: Jack D. Hidary
Hardcover $29.19 $39.99 Current price is $29.19, Original price is $39.99.
Title: The Illusion of Risk Control: What Does it Take to Live With Uncertainty?, Author: Gilles Motet
Title: Uses of Technology in Upper Secondary Mathematics Education, Author: Stephen Hegedus

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