Title: Pinstripe Nation: The New York Yankees in American Culture, Author: William Carlson Bishop
Title: Dixieball: Race and Professional Basketball in the Deep South, 1947-1979, Author: Thomas Aiello
Title: 1968: A Pivotal Moment in American Sports, Author: James C. Nicholson
Title: Retro Ball Parks: Instant History, Baseball, and the New American City, Author: Daniel Rosensweig
Title: Soccer Frontiers: The Global Game in the United States, 1863-1913, Author: Chris Bolsmann Pre-Order Now
Title: Circus Life: Performing and Laboring under America's Big Top Shows, 1830-1920, Author: Micah D. Childress
Title: From Sandlots to the Super Bowl: The National Football League, 1920-1967, Author: Craig R. Coenen