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Title: Six Tycoons: The Lives of John Jacob Astor, Cornelius Vanderbilt, Andrew Carnegie, John D. Rockefeller, Henry Ford and Joseph P. Kennedy, Author: Wyn Derbyshire
Title: The Glorification of Plunder: State, Power and Tax Policy, Author: Malcolm James
Title: Being a Landlord, Author: George Denton-Ashley
Title: Taxation of Unincorporated Businesses, Author: Malcolm James
Title: Taxation of Small Businesses: 2017-2018, Author: Malcolm James
Title: Protected Cell Companies: A Guide to Their Implementation and Use / Edition 2, Author: Nigel Feetham
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Title: VAT and Property, Author: Ann L Humphrey
Title: Taxation of Small Businesses: 2014-15, Author: Malcolm James
Title: UK Taxation for Students: A Simplified Approach, Author: Malcolm Finney
Title: Employee Reward Structures: Second Edition, Author: Aidan Langley
Title: Marylebone Lives: Rogues, romantics and rebels. Character studies of locals since the eighteenth century., Author: Mark Riddaway
Title: The Uk Tax System: An Introduction / Edition 2, Author: Malcolm James
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Title: Opera Lives, Author: Linda Kitchen
Title: VAT and Financial Services, Author: Mark Chesham
Title: Home Truths: A Guide to Buying and Selling Property, Author: Bryan Pickup
Title: European Employment Laws: A comparative guide, Author: Stephen Hardy
Title: Childcare Arrangements: Employment and Tax Consequences, Author: Alison Haynes
Title: Environmental Taxes Handbook, Author: Ian Fleming
Title: Employee Reward Structures (book) 3e / Edition 3, Author: Aidan Langley
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Title: Introduction to European Tax Law: Direct Taxation, Author: Michael Lang

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