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Title: Hot as Hell, Author: Julie Ann Walker
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Title: Irresistible Jack Absolute: A Free Preview (Enhanced Edition), Author: C. C. Humphreys
Title: Stealth, Author: Michael Brandman
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Title: How to Thrive in the Virtual Workplace excerpt, Author: Robert Glazer
Title: After the End, Author: Katie Ruggle
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Title: The Forgotten Seamstress Free Preview (The First 4 Chapters), Author: Liz Trenow
Title: Before the Kiss: A Book Club Belles Society novella, Author: Jayne Fresina
Title: First Dates with Anna Harrington, Author: Anna Harrington
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Title: The Last Stargazers Extended Excerpt: The Enduring Story of Astronomy's Vanishing Explorers, Author: Emily Levesque
Title: On His Watch, Author: Katie Ruggle
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Title: Turn the Tide, Author: Katie Ruggle
Title: First Dates with Jackie Ashenden, Author: Jackie Ashenden
Title: Undenied (Amoveo Legend Novella), Author: Sara Humphreys
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Title: Assassins of Athens, Author: Jeffrey Siger
Title: The Girl Who Read the Stars: An Otherworld novella, Author: Skylar Dorset
Title: Donald Trump Out of Office Countdown, Author: Anthony Suzan
Title: The Radium Girls Extended Excerpt, Author: Kate Moore
Title: To Be His, Author: Terri Austin
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Title: The Highland Bride's Choice: A Novella, Author: Amanda Forester
Title: Furyborn: Chapter Sampler, Author: Claire Legrand
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