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Title: X, Artist: Artillery
Title: Heat Wave [Deluxe Edition], Artist: Thundermother
Title: Stand Your Ground, Artist: Mike Tramp & The Rock 'N' Roll Circuz
Title: Second Time Around, Artist: Mike Tramp
Title: Ten Songs Ten Cities, Artist: Electric Guitars
Title: Guilty Pleasures, Artist: Soren Andersen
Title: Everything Is Alright, Artist: Mike Tramp
Title: Who should be included in, and who excluded from, the club of rights-holders?: The case of Animals, Author: Soren Andersen
Title: Killing in self-defence: The question of whether it is morally permissible to kill in self-defence, Author: Soren Andersen
Title: Can war be just?: A Just War Analysis of the Russo-Georgian War 2008, Author: Soren Andersen