Title: No Money? No Problem!, Author: Lori Haskins
Title: Which Way, Wendy?, Author: Tennant Redbank
Title: Keesha's Bright Idea, Author: Eleanor May
Title: Daisy Diaz Shakes Up Camp, Author: Lisa Harkrader
Title: Pet Peeves, Author: Sarah Willson
Title: Who Needs It?, Author: Eleanor May
Title: Carl the Complainer, Author: Michelle Knudsen
Title: Tara Pays Up!, Author: Kirsten Larsen
Title: Pete for President!, Author: Daisy Alberto
Title: The Best Mother's Day Ever, Author: Eleanor May
Title: Real Heroes Don't Wear Capes, Author: Laura Driscoll
Title: No Rules for Rex!, Author: Daisy Alberto
Title: The Cupcake Thief, Author: Ellen Jackson