Title: Great Monologues for Young Actors, Author: Craig Slaight
Title: Great Scenes and Monologues for Children: Ages 7-14, Author: Craig Slaight
Title: Great Monologues for Young Actors / Edition 1, Author: Craig Slaight
Title: Acting from a Spiritual Perspective: Your Art, Your Business and Your Calling, Author: Kathryn Marie Bild
Title: The Ultimate Audition Book for Teens (Young Actors Series): 111 One-Minute Monologues / Edition 1, Author: Janet B. Milstein
Title: Magic Time, A Memoir, Notes on Theatre & Other Entertaiments, Author: Edwin Wilson
Title: Sanford Meisner Approach, Workbook I: An Actor's Workbook (Career Development Book Series) / Edition 1, Author: Larry Silverberg
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Title: Playwrights Teach Playwriting 2, Author: Joan Herrington
Title: 21st Century Playwriting: A Manual of Contemporary Techniques, Author: Timothy Daly
Title: Cool Characters for Kids: 71 One-Minute Monologues, Author: Janet B. Milstein
Title: My First Monologue Book: 100 Monologues for Young Children, Author: Kristen Dabrowski
Title: 60 Seconds to Shine, Volume 5: 101 Original One-Minute Monologues for Women Ages 18-25, Author: Kristen Dabrowski
Title: Monologues and Scenes for Middle School Actors, Author: Mary Hall Surface
Title: Shakespeare In an Hour, Author: Christopher Baker
Title: All the Words on Stage: A Complete Pronunciation Dictionary for the plays of William Shakespeare / Edition 1, Author: Louis Scheeder
Title: The Best Monologues for ALL Auditions (and How to Prepare for Them!), Author: Glenn Alterman
Title: Great Acting Teachers and Their Methods / Edition 1, Author: Richard Brestoff
Title: Great Monologues For Young Actors, Volume II, Author: Craig Slaight
Title: 60 Seconds to Shine, Volume 1: 221 One-Minute Monolgues for Men (Monologue Audition Series), Author: John Capecci
Title: Playwriting, Brief and Brilliant, Author: Julie Jensen

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