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Title: The Complete Story of Civilization: Our Oriental Heritage, Life of Greece, Caesar and Christ, Age of Faith, Renaissance, Age of Reason Begins, Age of Louis XIV, Age of Voltaire, Rousseau and Revolution, Age of Napoleon, Reformation, Author: Will Durant
Title: Henry Kissinger The Complete Memoirs E-book Boxed Set: White House Years, Years of Upheaval, Years of Renewal, Author: Henry Kissinger
Title: David McCullough Great Moments in History E-book Box Set: 1776, The Johnstown Flood, Path Between the Seas, The Great Bridge, The Course of Human Events, Author: David McCullough
Title: Chris Matthews Complete Library E-book Box Set: Tip and the Gipper, Jack Kennedy, Hardball, Kennedy & Nixon, Now, Let Me Tell You What I Really Think, and American, Author: Chris Matthews
Title: Export Marketing Strategies, China, Author: Mathias Wengeler
Title: The Jimmy Carter Library, Author: Jimmy Carter
Title: The Gershwins and Me: A Personal History in Twelve Songs, Author: Michael Feinstein
Title: The Complete Private Collection: Private; Invitation Only; Untouchable; Confessions; Inner Circle; Legacy; Ambition; Revelation; Last Christmas; Paradise Lost; Suspicion; Scandal; Vanished; The Book of Spells; Ominous; Vengeance, Author: Kate Brian
Title: David McCullough Library E-book Box Set: 1776, Brave Companions, The Great Bridge, John Adams, The Johnstown Flood, Mornings on Horseback, Path Between the Seas, Truman, The Course of Human Events, Author: David McCullough
Title: Corporate Health Insurance Providers, Poland, Author: Mathias Wengeler
Title: Orthopedic Device Manufacturers Profiling and Benchmark, D-A-CH Region, Author: Mathias Wengeler
Title: Henry Kissinger Foreign Policy E-book Boxed Set: Crisis, Does America Need a Foreign Policy?, and Diplomacy, Author: Henry Kissinger