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Title: ATV's, Author: Paul Estrem
Title: Exotic Cars, Author: Jane Mersky Leder
Title: Personal Watercraft, Author: Jack C. Harris
Title: Ivan Lendl, Author: Chip Eliot
Title: Bombing Fortress Europe, Author: Wallace B. Black
Title: Winter: Activities, Projects, Science Facts, Author: David Webster
Title: The Crane, Author: Gabriel Horn
Title: Deserts, Author: Philip Steele
Title: Plane, Author: Chris Oxlade
Title: Magruder's American Government, 1990, Author: William A. McClenaghan
Title: Marco Polo, Author: Noemi Vicini Marri
Title: Columbus Day, Author: Cass R. Sandak
Title: Cyndi Lauper, Author: Chris Crocker
Title: Paraprofessions: Careers of the Future and the Present, Author: Sarah Splaver
Title: Wanted! Frank and Jesse James: The Real Story, Author: Margaret Baldwin
Title: LOGO Activities for the Computer: A Beginner's Guide, Author: Jane Hyman
Title: Yellowstone, Author: Carol Marron
Title: Colombia, Author: Gail B. Stewart
Title: Yo Aprendo-- Los Números, Author: Josep M. Fité
Title: Helicopter, Author: Chris Oxlade

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