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Title: Child Is Waiting, Author: Christine D'Angelo
Title: Jake's Way, Author: Kathleen Korbel
Title: Betrayed, Author: Beverly Sommers
Title: Perfect Strangers, Author: Pat Warren
Title: An Honorable Man, Author: Margaret Watson
Title: Everyday Hero, Author: Jo Leigh
Title: Sheep's Clothing, Author: Kate Bradley
Title: Man Next Door, Author: Alexandra Sellers
Title: I'll Remember You, Author: Barbara Ankrum
Title: The Haviland Touch, Author: Kay Hooper
Title: Trusting a Texan, Author: Leann Harris
Title: Two for the Road, Author: Wilson Anne Wilson
Title: Two against the World, Author: Mary A. Wilson
Title: Shared Ground, Author: Marion Smith Collins
Title: Capricorn Moon, Author: Barbara Faith
Title: Her First Mother, Author: Kayla Daniels
Title: Into Thin Air, Author: Karen Leabo
Title: Fade To Black, Author: Amanda Stevens
Title: Perfect Double, Author: Merline Lovelace
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Title: Love of Dugan Magee, Author: Linda Turner

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