Title: Working Girl
Director: Mike Nichols
Title: Avatar
Title: Holes
Director: Andrew Davis
Title: A Monster Calls
Title: Galaxy Quest
Title: Aliens
Title: Ghostbusters 2
Title: Ghostbusters
Title: Alien
Director: Ridley Scott
Title: Dave
Director: Ivan Reitman
Title: Gorillas in the Mist
Title: 1492: Conquest of Paradise
Title: You Again
Title: Ghostbusters 1 & 2 (4K-Mastered)
Title: The Grimm Brothers' Snow White
Title: Copycat
Director: Jon Amiel
Title: Heartbreakers
Director: David Mirkin
Title: Ghostbusters/Ghostbusters Ii
Title: The TV Set
Director: Jake Kasdan
Title: The Assignment

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