Title: Brackets, Author: Joanne K. Jardine
Title: Angelii, Author: Kester E. L. B. James
Title: Life with the Lions, Author: Ian Young
Title: Where Ancestors Cry, Author: Waya Adanvdo
Title: The Multicolored Magical Robe, Author: Barbara Deloris Walker
Title: The Man with Other Senses, Author: Adam Debreczeny
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Title: A Journey of a 21-Year-Old Kuwaiti Girl, Author: Lulwa Al-Sardi
Title: The Drum: The People's Story, Author: The Drum Project
Title: Great Stories Written Badly, Author: Ian Williams
Title: And Shearer Has Won It, Author: Jake Doyle
Title: Dresden in Flames, Author: Adam Debreczeny
Title: Incidents, Author: Jake Doyle
Title: Heaven Hell & Here, Author: Denise Robinson
Title: Camera 4, Author: Martyn Ellington
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Title: The Transylvanian, Author: Adam Debreczeny
Title: Suicide Is Not a Dirty Word, Author: Denise Robinson
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Title: Black Gold (Special Edition), Author: Black Gold
Title: IMAGINATION, Author: Gina McKie
Title: Cherokee Sound, Author: Waya Adanvdo
Title: Dogs Behind Closed Doors, Author: Sue Stafford

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