Title: London Transport, Author: Michael H. C. Baker
Title: Bells and Bellringing, Author: John Harrison
Title: British Sheep Breeds, Author: Susannah Parkin
Title: Railway Architecture, Author: Bill Fawcett
Title: Botanic Gardens, Author: Sarah Rutherford
Title: Gloves and Glove-making, Author: Mike Redwood
Title: The Tudor Reformation, Author: Richard Hayman
Title: Aston Martin, Author: Richard Loveys
Title: The Midwife, Author: Susan Cohen
Title: Victorian Fashion, Author: Jayne Shrimpton
Title: Matchbox Toys, Author: Nick Jones
Title: SOE: Churchill's Secret Agents, Author: Terry Crowdy
Title: The British Sailor of the First World War, Author: Quintin Colville
Title: Legendary Beasts of Britain, Author: Julia Cresswell
Title: Canals in Britain, Author: Tony Conder
Title: Hillman Cars, Author: James Taylor
Title: Gothic Revival Architecture, Author: Trevor Yorke
Title: The Medieval Monastery, Author: Roger Rosewell
Title: Royal Weddings, Author: Emily Brand
Title: Wartime Broadcasting, Author: Mike Brown

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