Title: Fall of a King: Kings of Rexville ? secrets and lies, Author: Pepper Bordeaux
Title: Ruin Me: Second-Chance Small-Town Romance, Author: Christina Hart
Title: The Banished Bride (Scandalous Secrets Series, Book 1), Author: Andrea Pickens
#1 in Series
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Title: Hidden Devotion, Author: Mari Carr
Title: Success Habits of Christian Milionaires, Author: Michael Holmes
Title: A Heartless Design, Author: Elizabeth Cole
Title: House of Secrets (House of Secrets Series #1), Author: Chris Columbus
Title: Lotus in the Mountain, Author: Linn Coldiron
Title: Are You My Perfect Partner?: To Marry or Not to Marry..., Author: Laurie Weiss
Title: Deadly Secrets The Shadow (Billionaire Shape-Shifter Romance Series Book 1), Author: Alice Jamison
Title: The Magic Escapes (The Secrets of Droon: Special Edition #1), Author: Tony Abbott
Title: Book Of Secrets: Vital Secrets, Book One - Large Print, Author: D.F. Hart
Title: Business Growth Secrets: Book 1: Secrets to Long Term Sales Growth, Author: John A. Weber
Title: Cage of Deceit: Reign of Secrets, Book 1, Author: Jennifer Anne Davis
Title: Secrets of the forest: (English version in color), Author: Jessica Razo
Title: Deadly Secrets: Brothers that Bite Book 1, Author: E. Bowser
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by Ella James
Narrated by  Nelson Hobbs, Shirl Rae
#1 in Series
Audiobook (Unabridged)

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Title: Treasured, Author: Candace Camp
Title: Secrets of the Campbell Sisters, Band 1: April & May. Der Skandal (Sinnliche Regency Romance von der Erfolgsautorin der Golden-Campus-Trilogie), Author: Lyla Payne
Title: Shadowplay, Author: Terry Mancour

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